03/09/20 UV-MACE Update on COVID-19

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The City of Lebanon continues to monitor the rapidly changing events regarding the spread of COVID-19 in our region. The following are updates as of Monday, March 9, 2020:

The City of Lebanon continues to work collaboratively with DHHS to facilitate ongoing COVID-19 testing.

The current summary report from the DHHS is as follows: 

  • 56 people have been tested in total
  • 2 cases have been confirmed by the CDC
  • 2 additional cases are presumptive positive by DHHS
  • 8 tests are pending results
  • 44 tests have been completed with negative results

The following topics have been added to our LebanonNH.gov/COVID19   page:

  • Explanation of Terms (i.e. isolation, quarantine, self-monitoring, etc.)
  • Guidance for Schools and Childcare Administrators
  • Guidance for Event Planners
  • Guidance for Community and Faith-Based Organizations

The City of Lebanon will continue to post updates on our LebanonNH.gov/COVID19  page as we receive them so please check back often.

The City of Lebanon will hold its Municipal Election tomorrow, March 10, 2020 with polls opening at 7:00AM and closing at 7:00PM. Please review our “Prevention of COVID-19 During Upcoming Municipal Election” newsflash for more information about the precautionary steps we are taking at our polling locations.

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