Downtown Lebanon Street & Parking Area Closures

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As happened last year, beginning Friday, March 26, 2021, weather dependent, and ending Fall of 2021, Court Street (between the One Court Street Building and Mascoma Savings Bank) and the parking area adjacent to West Park Street (between Salt hill Pub and 20 West Park Street) will be closed to vehicular traffic to allow for expanded outdoor seating areas for Three Tomatoes Trattoria and Salt hill Pub.

Access to the drive-thru at Mascoma Savings Bank will be via Campbell Street and Flynn Street as shown on the Downtown Lebanon Street & Parking Area Closure Map. As Flynn Street is one-way, all vehicles utilizing Flynn Street to access businesses, homes, and daily parking will need to exit the area via Hanover Street and Campbell/Parkhurst Streets utilizing the upper and lower parking lots along Taylor Street.

All sidewalks adjacent to the proposed outdoor seating areas will remain open and accessible to the general public. The US Postal Service Mailbox and The UPS Drop Box will remain in the island adjacent to West Park Street but will only be accessible on foot.

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